We at Shamrock Virtual strive to make this VA enjoyable for all members so we have had to set up some rules. If every member adheres to these rules we can all enjoy our hobby to the highest level.


Please read the following before registering:


The requirements of becoming a member:


1.0} You must own  legal, working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator     (2004 or X edition), X-Plane or Prepar3D.


1.1} You must have a good understanding of the English language.


1.2} You must be an active member of IVAO or VATSIM.


1.3} You must supply us with your correct Network ID number and a valid email address. Any emails sent to you by a member of staff must be replied too within 7 days or your account will be deemed inactive.


1.4} A membership can be accepted when you are at least 16 years of age and when you have at least 10 online hours on one of the above networks. A maximum of 100 hours will be accepted as transfer hours from another Virtual Airline. Members of other Virtual Airlines are welcome to join however if you are a staff member of an other Virtual Airline you must inform us as this could cause a conflict of interest.


1.5} Upon successful registration with Shamrock Virtual Airlines, a member has 7 days to complete his/her first flight. Failure to do this will result in an automatic deletion of their account.



The rules of being a member:

2.0} To stay active as a pilot, you have to fly a flight from our timetable at least once every 30 days.

2.1} Failure to comply with the above rule will result in your account becoming inactive. From that point on you have 7 more days to make a flight or your account will be deleted. 

2.2}If you are unable to make the above deadlines you have the option of requesting “LEAVE” from our Membership Department. This entitles you to a maximum of 50 days of non-flying. 

2.3} There are no restrictions on aircraft use based on rank or seniority – from the start of his / her career, each pilot is allowed to fly all aircraft types in the Shamrock Virtual fleet. 

2.4} Generally all flights are flown online. However we maintain a policy which enables you to fly offline using kACARS and your logs will be checked by the staff.

2.5}The use of Pause, Slew Mode or Sim Rate Acceleration during flight is not permitted and will result in your flight being deleted.


Team Speak:


3.0} All members are required to login to TeamSpeak with the following: First Name - SVA ID or  SVA ID - First Name

3.1} If in contact with ATC it is recommended to move to the ATC Channel .

3.2}No abusive behaviour will be tolerated or comments to staff or members that may be offensive. If a member is found to be breach of this they will be given a ban       from TeamSpeak. 

3.3} If a member has been subject to any of the above mentioned in 3.2 contact the CEO who will look into the matter. 

3.4}It is strictly forbidden for any member to issue the Teamspeak 3 password to any person who is not an active member of the VA.


Flying Online:


4.0} All members are required to use their SVA ID or Flight ID when using our KACARS System to log flights.

4.1} IVAO or VATSIM tours are exempt from this.i

4.2}Pireps will not be validated if incorrect flight number or SVA ID is used when using KACARS.


Code of conduct: 

5.0}We at Shamrock Virtual welcome members of all genders, religions, cultures and backgrounds. Therefore we will not tolerate any behaviour which is deemed Racial, Sexual, Political or in any other way inappropriate. It is essential that members respect one another and management around them. Disruptive and offensive behavior is not tolerated.