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Bolaji Ibrahim's Statistics

Name Bolaji Ibrahim Hours 1329.45
Pilot ID SVA0074 Total Flights 9
Hub EIDW Distance Flown 7057 miles
Rank Senior Captain Last Flight 268 Days ago
Hire Date: 11/11/2014 Last Flight Date 08/26/2018

Bolaji Ibrahim (Hired 1652 days ago!)

Awards (3)

    First Flight with the VA
    Award for reaching 1000 Hrs
    Awarded for landings of -20 FPM or less

PIREP's List (9)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
EIC433 TGPY TNCM B767-200 (N234AX) 01.11.07 26/08/2018 Accepted
EIN521 LFPG EIDW A320-214 (EI-DEH) 01.27 22/08/2018 Accepted
EIN520 EIDW LFPG A320-214 (EI-DEH) 01.19 20/08/2018 Accepted
EIC11 EIDW BIKF B767-300 (EI-CAL) 02.04 04/08/2018 Accepted
EIN149 EGLL EIDW A320-214 (EI-DEK) 01.18 04/06/2018 Accepted
EIN154 EIDW EGLL A320-214 (EI-EDS) 01.08 03/06/2018 Accepted
EIN521 LFPG EIDW A320-214 (EI-DEH) 01.30 29/05/2018 Accepted
EIN520 EIDW LFPG A320-214 (EI-DEH) 01.16 28/05/2018 Accepted
EIC3250 EIDW EGPH A320-214 (EI-DEK) 00.49 21/03/2018 Accepted

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